Project Management

While there are many definitions of a project, I like this simple one.

Projects are undertakings that are time-bound (have an end), produce a unique output/deliverable, and are executed under agreed-upon constraints (i.e., scope, timeline, budget/resources).

Everything else is work, but not a project.

A great visual way of presenting the project work to be done is by using a Gantt chart. It usually gives a clear insight into a project's activities, its progress and interdependabilities.

Source: modified version of Gantt chart used on

I categorized the projects I participated in or initiated in 4 blocks. These categories are not mutually exclusive, but they are for me a convenient way to try to explain the type of IT work that I spent my time on. The linked pages are in both English and Dutch.

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De projecten waarin ik heb geparticipeerd of die ik heb geïnitieerd zijn hieronder gecategoriseerd in 4 blokken. Deze categorieën overlappen elkaar enigszins, maar zijn voor mij een goede manier om uit te leggen waaraan ik mijn tijd besteed heb. De pagina's waarnaar wordt doorgelinkt zijn zowel Engels- als Nederlandstalig

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