Being treated like a child

Just a minor annoyance …

I use a Windows 10 computer for all kinds of stuff including development. Even though I'm very fond of Linux on the desktop, it is convenient for me to use Windows because (a) I'm the primary source my wife and kids come to when they have computer - often Windows - issues and (b) many customers use Windows on their business desktops or laptops. So, using Windows myself helps me to keep my knowledge up-to-date.

Since I design and assemble1) customized-software that runs in the cloud, I install the open-souce applications I need on a virtual Ubuntu Linux server in my network. Having the codebase in the webroot directory and running an SMB service, the code is accessible via Windows applications. For small projects, this is ideal as the development Linux server can be made nearly identical to the production Linux cloud server.

Usually, when I decide to make changes to source code in an original file, I first make a copy of that file and change its extension to the former one adding _org 2).

I normally use Windows Explorer to do this, but Microsoft doesn't like you to change extensions and ominously warns that the file might become unusable. Wow, this is pretty scary! Apparently, I am about to do something irreversible.

Even though my edition of Windows is Professional, I'm still being treated like a child. For the next version of Windows, I'd suggest adding an extra user setting.

User Type: (1) Amateur, (2) Intermediate, (3) Professional, (4) Thrill seeker

Additional benefit would be that thrill seekers would be the ideal, and only, target group to be presented with the inevitable new bugs that Microsoft sneaks in ;-).

I find assemble a better term than build, since I base my modifications and additions on already existing, often great code and I try to build as little as possible.
The addition “_org” stands for original and I have been using it for ages.
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