At the center of attention

Some people like to be in the spotlight and at the center of attention. (Ex-)President Trump is one of them. After reading an article on Politico, I found a link to a piece which showed the following very informative Venn-diagram.


The diagram shows three intersecting cohorts of American presidents.

Trump is depicted in the center being the only president to fit all three cohort descriptions. The Venn diagram was shared by several prominent journalists and activists through several media.

If the data that are shown in the diagram would have been put in a relational database the query to get the American presidents out that are shown in the center, could look something like this.

SELECT AS three_time_loser
  presidents_table AS t
  t.n_terms = 1 AND
  t.popular_vote = "LOST" AND
  t.remarkable_events IN ("IMPEACHED", "RESIGNED")

For SQL-minded nerds like me, even writing this simple select statement brings a smile to my face.

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